At the heart of our platform is a commitment to data accuracy and consistency

In today's dynamic retail landscape, harnessing the power of effective product information management is pivotal in unlocking your brand's true potential. artisans PXM, a unified platform that seamlessly integrates Merchandising and Catalog Composer capabilities paves the way for accelerated product launches, higher conversion rates and unparalleled team performance. By centralizing and optimizing product data, we empower retailers to craft captivating product experiences, drive conversions and cultivate unwavering customer loyalty.


Product Launch

Master Your Data. Effortlessly manage basic product details like UPCs, SKUs, and names while maintaining consistency across all channels.

Sales Supercharged. Access pricing information alongside customer reviews and testimonials – empowering sales teams to shine.

Speak Their Language. Customize copywriting for regional markets by managing multilingual content and currency systems in one place.

Get Organized. Efficiently categorize product variations, relationships, and groups – making it a breeze to navigate your inventory.


Customer Experiences

Bring Products to Life. Showcase your products with captivating images, videos, and gifs stored conveniently within the platform.

Know Every Detail. Centralize essential technical specs such as size, color, and materials. Ensure customers have the info they need at their fingertips.

Marketing Magic. Unify personas, keywords, and SEO data for impactful campaigns that drive results in today's competitive landscape.

Design With Purpose. Keep branding cohesive through accessible style guides and designer notes. Fuel creativity when it matters most!

Why choose artisans PXM


Improved Conversion Rates

Boost sales by providing customers with accurate and complete product information on-demand, ultimately driving higher conversion rates.


Reduced Time-to-Market

Minimize delays in launching new products or updating existing ones thanks to efficient workflows and automated processes that reduce time-consuming manual tasks.


Increased Brand Consistency

Maintain a cohesive brand image across multiple channels using one centralized system for managing all aspects of your catalogs – ensuring uniformity in messaging and visuals.


Streamlined Operations

Free up valuable resources by automating tedious tasks, allowing your team members to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive business growth.


Be Future Ready

Embrace a headless and modular platform and adapt quickly to changing business environments and stay ahead of the competition.


Composable Commerce

Dive into a retail revolution where personalization and adaptability reign supreme. Craft a scalable commerce experience by seamlessly combining modules tailored explicitly to your unique business needs.

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Unified Commerce

Unify every facet of commerce operations – from catalog, inventory and orders to customer service and marketing – creating an integrated ecosystem that drives growth and elevates customer experiences.

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Headless Commerce

Seamlessly deliver personalized commerce experiences across channels with artisans headless solution. Empower your business with unparalleled flexibility and transform the way you engage with customers.

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D2C eCommerce

Simplify D2C e-commerce capabilities with our Composable Full-Stack Platform for successful D2C e-commerce implementation which helps to simplify operations and boost efficiency with best of breed solutions

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Unlock Your Product Information Potential with artisan’s PXM

Embark on your journey towards digital transformation and unlock the full potential of your product data, streamline processes, and create exceptional customer experiences tailored for the modern shopper's demands. Contact us now to learn more about how artisans' PXM platform can revolutionize your retail brand – delivering outstanding results while simplifying complex commerce experiences

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At artisans, we understand the
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That's why we've designed our product information management system to help you manage your product information more effectively, efficiently, and accurately. Contact us today to learn more about our platform and how we can help you manage your product information more effectively.

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