The Essence of Composable Commerce

Retail is an intensely competitive landscape where adaptability and continuous evolution are paramount. As consumer behaviours shift alongside technological advancements, versatile and future-proof platforms will overtake the rest. artisans Composable Commerce offering delivers unrivaled flexibility in design, functionality, and integration – equipping for success amidst ever-changing market dynamics.

A CommercePlatform that truly Scales



Benefit from an ecosystem built upon microservices that provide specialized functionality through independently deployable units. This enables rapid innovation and easy integration with external tools or services.


API-first Approach

Leverage our API-centric design, which emphasizes seamless communication between components while facilitating swift connections with third-party applications and custom-built modules tailored to your unique commerce needs.


Cloud Native

Exploit the elastic nature of cloud delivery platform and become more resilient and manageable in the face of high-impact changes, constant updates, and strategic innovation. Our cloud-native platforms ensures businesses can grow at unprecedented speeds while becoming more agile and adaptable.



Create holistic customer journeys and deliver brand consistency across all touchpoints with the freedom of headless commerce – ensuring personalized experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.


A singular cloud-native platform that empowers all aspects of e-commerce


Compose Catalog

Experience a cutting-edge decoupled architecture that separates products, categories, and prices into individual services, empowering brands to effortlessly compose unlimited catalogs.


Pricing & Promotions

Unlock your business potential with effective promotion strategies that grab attention, create memorable journeys, and drive customer engagement. Stay ahead of the competition, increase sales, and delight customers


Order lifecycle Management

Our composable technology designed for high-volume retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers breaks down silos, deliver seamless customer experiences and improve operational efficiencies


Realtime Inventory Visibility

With order and inventory data consolidated in one central place, supporting omnichannel experiences like Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) becomes effortless.


Order Routing

Enhance your capacity to meet customer demand by swiftly implementing the Inventory Visibility across digital channels, marketplaces and inventory locations and Leverage Intelligent Order Routing to enhance operational efficiency.


Digital Cart & Check-out

Effortlessly implement smooth and protected checkout experiences for all customers and across various channels or marketplaces in no time.


Transform every stage of the shopping journey into an engaging experience.

  • Utilize business-centric modules, microservices, and flexible APIs to meet modern shoppers' needs.
  • Achieve flexibility and prevent vendor lock-in with modular packaging and deployment.
  • Facilitate effortless integration with diverse third-party solutions

Omnichannel Storefront




artisans Commerce Microservices

  • Catalog
  • Search
  • Pricing
  • Inventory
  • Promotions
  • Cart & Checkout
  • Routing
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Fulfilment
  • Returns


Composable Commerce

Dive into a retail revolution where personalization and adaptability reign supreme. Craft a scalable commerce experience by seamlessly combining modules tailored explicitly to your unique business needs.

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Unified Commerce

Unify every facet of commerce operations – from catalog, inventory and orders to customer service and marketing – creating an integrated ecosystem that drives growth and elevates customer experiences.

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Headless Commerce

Seamlessly deliver personalized commerce experiences across channels with artisans headless solution. Empower your business with unparalleled flexibility and transform the way you engage with customers.

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D2C eCommerce

Simplify D2C e-commerce capabilities with our Composable Full-Stack Platform for successful D2C e-commerce implementation which helps to simplify operations and boost efficiency with best of breed solutions

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Be Limitless with Composable Commerce

Transform e-commerce strategy by harnessing unmatched flexibility, tailor-made solutions, and dynamic adaptability crafted specifically for visionary retailers.

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